In November 2014, Yardney Technical Products was purchased by EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, a VECTRA company. This acquisition expanded on the vast EaglePicher line of specialty batteries designed and manufactured for the most demanding aerospace and defense applications. The merging of the two companies represents a combined 165 years in the battery business and accumulates a wealth of talent with over 900 employees.

The roots began in 1944 when the company was founded in New York by Michel Yardney under the corporate name Yardney Electric Corporation. Yardney Electric was among the first companies in the world to successfully produce and commercialize rechargeable silver-zinc and magnesium silver chloride batteries.

In 1969, the company was acquired by Whittaker Corporation and in 1970 moved the corporate offices and operations into a single 260,000 square foot facility located in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. During the 1970s and 1980s, the company expanded its product line to include, zinc-air batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium thionyl-chloride batteries.

In 1990, the company was privately acquired from Whittaker and the corporate name was changed to Yardney Technical Products (YTP). In 1995 Ener-Tek International was formed and became the technology-based parent holding company of Yardney. Today Ener-Tek holds over 200 patents encompassing many aspects of battery technology. After privatization, Yardney divested the line of lithium thionyl-chloride and nickel battery products and acquired aluminum-air battery technology from Alcan Ltd. This also allowed for heavy investment in Lithium-ion technology. In 1995, Lithion was incorporated as an Ener-Tek subsidiary to commercialize rechargeable Lithium-ion technology.

Our Building
In 2013, the company purchased a new building in East Greenwich, RI and moved all of its operations from Pawcatuck, CT.
In cooperation with the Department of Defense, NASA, and Major Defense Contractors, Yardney has designed, developed and delivered high energy density batteries in high profile programs such as Minuteman III ICBM, Delta II/IV and Atlas V, the Mars Explorer Rover missions, the USAF B-2 Bomber and Global Hawk aircraft, and the US Navy Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS).