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[otw_shortcode_info_box border_type=”bordered” border_color_class=”otw-black-border” border_style=”bordered” shadow=”shadow-down-right” background_color=”#fff”]Yardney Technical Products, Inc. acquired the Lithium Battery Operations of GTE in 1988 and has been developing its own lithium ion chemistry under the Lithion name since 1995. Under contracts with the Department of Defense, NASA, Other Government Agencies and several Major Defense Contractors, the Lithion battery team has designed, developed and delivered Li-ion batteries for such notable programs as the Air Force B-2 Bomber and Global Hawk/Triton reconnaissance aircraft; the NASA Mars Lander mission (Phoenix); the three Mars Explorer Rovers (Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity) as well as the US Navy Advanced SEAL Delivery System all-electric Special Forces mini-submarine. [/otw_shortcode_info_box]

Lithion Batteries Started Working on Mars
  • 13 years, 288 days, 13 hours, 29 minutes, 24 seconds ago
  • The Launch and Landing of “Spirit”

    With the following features, this well-developed high performance battery technology can satisfy your most stringent requirements

            • Outstanding energy density – 358Wh/L
            • Excellent specific energy – 145Wh/Kg
            • Long operating life – 2100 deep cycles
            • Impressive discharge capability
              • Continuous 10C rate
              • Pulse 50C rate
            • Rapid recharge capability – C rate
            • Broad temperature capability
              • -40° C to +65° C
            • True prismatic design

    This lithium-ion technology is the result of more than six years of continuing  applied research and development by the experienced staff of Yardney Engineers and Scientists. We are a leading supplier of high energy density, high reliability, advanced technology lithium-ion and silver-zinc batteries for demanding aerospace, undersea, naval and military applications.